Candidate Self-Screening

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Keep the Candidate Engaged

Send self-screening invitations to applicants who can:
  • Electronically sign consents.
  • Enter their information to initiate a background check.
  • Access an applicant portal to review results and disclosures.

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Why Swift Hire is Important to You


Candidates Using Mobile


Increase in Speed to Hire


Less time spent filling out information


Improved Candidate Experience

Swift Hire Benefits

Applicant Portal

SwiftHire’s applicant portal provides candidates with access to results, disclosures, and adverse notices. This is important because this gives the candidate a sense of transparency and ownership of their data.

Faster Completion Times

When more information is needed from the candidate, a process begins between the candidate, HR, and SafeGuard. SwiftHire dramatically reduces this "back and forth", improves communication and ensures faster completion.

Eliminate Date Entry

SwiftHire was engineered to dramatically reduce information input time and increase completion rates. Carefully designed advanced features streamline and increase accuracy of the data entry process for the candidates..

Electronic Signatures

SwiftHire provides the most sophisticated digital signature technology available. It includes cryptography, a certificate of authority to ensure validity, as well as a wet signature to capture the signers’ personal signature.

Advanced Auditing

SwiftHire uses comprehensive audit trail procedures including digital certificate, user authentication, signature completion, and opt outs. So if an issue does arise, you'll have the trail to know exactly what occured..

Mobile Compatibility

If there isn’t the right mobile experience, the likelihood of the candidate completing the application is dramatically reduced. We have created the right balance between disclosure, privacy, and ease of use to achieved this.

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