Continous Criminal Monitoring

Continous Monitoring

Continous Monitoring is a post-hire program that allows employers to enroll an employee to be automatically checked for any new events in their national criminal history.

Why is Continuous Monitoring important?

Employees who engages in illegal activity during the term of their employment (post hire) can expose an organization to appreciable risk, especially if such infractions are significant and qualify as a violation of the company's hiring guidelines.

Having such a person who does not meet company standards continue to be employed can put employees, clients, and vendors at risk and expose the organization to costly negligent hiring litigation.

According to a 2018 survey conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, 91% of cases of employee fraud involve employees who have been tenured for at least one year, and about 12% of the workforce is likely to be incarcerated within the next five years.

Continuous Monitoring Chart

The SafeGuard Difference

real-time network

Most other continuous monitoring solutions are just periodic rechecks against a database. SafeGuard provides a true continuous criminal monitoring solution that provides real-time insights into workforce risk, built on our real-time incarceration data network.

Fast Turnaround

Continuous Monitoring provides real-time insights into new interactions with the criminal justice system in as fast as 15 minutes. Powered by a database with direct interfaces to 85% of incarceration facilities across the U.S.

Reduced exposure

Continuous Monitoring offers employers who are looking to mitigate employee and workplace risk a single platform with insights from nationwide sources, reducing the risk of undetected events.

How Do I Get Started?

Step 01

Create an Account

Enroll Employee

Creates a baseline report for future reporting.

Step 02

Get Permission

Get Permission

Obtain authorization from the employee.

Step 03

Order Reports

Continuous Monitoring

Monitor for changes of criminal Justice records.

Step 04

Receive Results

Receive Alerts

Automatically receive alerts as results are returned.

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